Here are some of the Renoise files I used for Panchromatic Window, plus two from Dissolving Sponge Reveals Wooden Duck, and some others that I haven’t recorded or released yet.

Typically I’d come up with the chord progression first, using whatever home keyboard I intended to use for the final recording, then roughly transcribe it (not necessarily completely or exactly) to Renoise using samples from SNES games and miscellaneous drum machines in order to work out the melodic parts. I’d then use recordings of the Renoise files as guide tracks to do the overdubs on the final recording. These demos aren’t especially polished, having mostly sparse arrangements, boring placeholder drum patterns and no effects or automation, but you can hear what I was trying to do without all the sloppy playing. Some of them have muted tracks and unused patterns containing early drafts of parts that I didn’t use in the final versions.

I generally like to use unusual chord voicings, slash chords, etc., but arranger keyboards often can’t handle that, so I’d decide in advance to use only seventh or ninth chords or whatever, and then write the whole thing using major and minor variants of those (I don’t often use dominant or diminished chords since I think tritones sound too dissonant in 12 equal). Within these limits, I’d generally aim to make it about as harmonically weird as I could manage without it being completely incomprehensible. In several cases I’d make a sort of game of it, where I’d use all 24 major and minor chords.