This was the original initial incarnation of the patch:

I continued working on it after that, so I don’t have that version anymore. The final version was later released here:

You can download the patch here.

The main patch is _dist_integral_test2a.pd. I’ve included all the relevant abstractions that I’ve made, but it also requires the creb, Cyclone, IEMlib and zexy libraries. I’ve only cleaned it up slightly and added a few annotations. I changed the reverb because the one I used originally needed to be manually adjusted to get the right sound. It’s still messy and confusing and some things are implemented in a less than ideal way. It’s fairly CPU intensive, so it may not run on anything less than a powerful laptop. Some of the abstractions are useful, but they’re not necessarily well documented, easy to use or free of bugs. They were mostly made for my personal use, and I can’t guarantee that they will be useful to anyone else. Ignore any “load_object: Symbol “lp_setup” not found” and “expr divide by zero” errors.