I sampled the drums from the Yamaha PSS-100. These are the same as the PSS-80 and PSS-125. There’s normally no output jack on these models, so I added one. Like the MK-100 drums, the tones and noise sources are free running, so the sound isn’t fully captured by single samples. Compared to the MK-100, the sounds are rather harsh, being based on square wave rather than triangle wave tones, and the sounds are significantly affected by the volume setting. The bass drum, snare drum, closed and open hi-hats were recorded at all volume levels (5 total). The remaining sounds (which I’m naming low conga and clave since they seem to make the most sense) can’t be isolated from the patterns, so they were sampled from the self test mode (this can be reached by holding the highest C and B keys while switching it on). In this mode the buttons in the “digital recorder” section trigger the individual drum sounds, but there’s no way to change the volume, so there’s only one sample each for these.