I made a recording with the Yamaha MK-100 and Roland SRV-2000 reverb only. I also sampled the drum sounds at 96 kHz. These don’t comprehensively replicate the sound of the MK-100, as the noise and tones are free running, but it’s close enough. These samples also cover the PSS-450 and PSS-260, which are based around the same IC.

The drum sounds of the Yamaha MP-1, PS-200, PS-300, PS-400 and PC-100 are very similar, but they’re tuned about a semitone higher. I’ve recorded those, but I can’t completely separate all the sounds, and I think it would be kind of redundant anyway.

Contrary to what’s sometimes assumed, the drum sounds are digital. Everything is actually digital except for the single BBD chorus.

More stuff should happen here soon.