I made a recording with the Yamaha MK-100 and Roland SRV-2000 reverb only. I also sampled the drum sounds at 96 kHz. These don’t comprehensively replicate the sound of the MK-100, as the noise and tones are free running, but it’s close enough. These samples also cover the PS-200, PSS-450, PSS-260, PCS-500, PCR-800 (and likely also the PSR-15, PSR-40 and HD-81), which are based around the same IC.

The drum sounds of the Yamaha MP-1, PS-300, PS-400 and PC-100 are very similar, but they’re tuned about a semitone higher. I’ve recorded those, but I can’t completely separate all the sounds, and I think it would be kind of redundant to post them.

Contrary to what’s sometimes assumed, the drum sounds are digital. Everything is actually digital except for the single BBD chorus.